From the Medical Director Desk

Dear Patients and Friends,

For me, medicine is not simply a profession – but a passion. It’s been that way from the moment I entered medical school at the age of 18. I tirelessly pursued advanced qualifications, even if it meant being far away from my loved ones or re-locating my family to an unfamiliar place.

Despite my years of formal training, my hunger for knowledge still remains as strong as ever. I start each day with a walk on the beach, medical book in hand. While enjoying the ocean air, I read about the latest advances in health care or quiz myself on physiology. Dozens of Medical text books of all types line the bookshelves of my home. Even if medical education wasn’t my passion, I firmly believe I owe it to my patients to constantly further my knowledge.

People are putting their lives in my hands when they seek my guidance - and I know from personal experience the anxiety and fear that comes with a medical problem. At a young age, I was diagnosed with kidney failure and underwent a transplant years later. So not only do I make sure I have the knowledge to provide optimal treatment, I understand on a personal level what my patients are experiencing when a serious health problem arises.

I pride myself on being at my patients’ disposal day and night - whenever they have questions or need reassuring. I do not rush patients in and out of my office, but I take as much time as necessary to handle all their concerns. Undoubtedly, I could generate more revenue by cramming my schedule with shorter appointments that focus on treatment but not patient education - but at the end of the day, money is not why I entered this field.

I tell you about myself so you can understand the underpinnings of Hayat International Hospital approach to patient care: knowledge and empathy. In founding Hayat International Hospital 15 years ago, I set out to create a medical establishment that embodied my passion for medical excellence and empathetic care. I have worked hard to assemble a team of doctors who are at the top of their field. At the same time, I’ve continuously looked for opportunities to introduce new health care technologies to my adopted country. Hayat International Hospital is proud to be the first Private medical establishment to introduce tests such as Holter, Continuous Glucose Monitoring and 64-slice CT scan imaging.

I have lived and practiced medicine in Oman for over twenty years and, as a result, I have a deep commitment to providing my fellow residents with the highest quality of care possible. Both myself and Al Hayat are entirely invested in this community. Please be assured that when you come to Al Hayat, you are in the hands of caring professionals who are committed to you and your loved ones. Simply put, we endeavor to provide you with medical of the highest quality without compromise.

To your health,

Dr. K.P. Raman, MD, DM, FRCP

Hayat International Hospital
Founder & Senior Cardiologist